“Warna-Warni Duniaku: Terjemahan Lirik ‘You Make My World So Colorful'”

“You Make My World So Colorful” Lirik Terjemahan


The song “You Make My World So Colorful” is a beautiful expression of love and gratitude. In this article, we will explore the lyrics of this Indonesian song and delve into its deeper meaning. The song captures the essence of joy and vibrancy that comes with being in love.


Cintaku padamu memenuhi hari-hariku
Engkau sumber cahaya yang indah
Warna-warni yang menari dalam hatiku
Merona senyumku tuk dirimu

Tulusnya rasa suka tak mampu kuungkapkan
Kasih yang tulus tak terganti
Namun bintang-bintang pun anggapkan tiada arti
Bila kau masih jadi milikku

Oh… cahaya hatiku engkau
Oh… kasihku yang sejati

Dalam langkah hidupku ada engkau
Mengisi ruang dalam lubuk hatiku
Bersama kita lewati hari-hari nan indah
Pelangi cinta selalu menghiasimu

Walau badai datang menjemput
Hilang segala sengsarakuā€¦


The lyrics paint a picture of a deep and genuine love that brightens up the singer’s world. The colorful imagery used conveys the idea of happiness, gratitude, and contentment that comes from being with someone special. The mention of stars losing their significance when compared to the beloved person highlights the immense value placed on the relationship.

Expression of Love

The song beautifully expresses the depth of emotions that accompany being in love. It portrays love as a source of light and joy, illuminating even the darkest days. The sincerity and affection conveyed in the lyrics resonate with anyone who has experienced true love.

Joyful Journey Together

The mention of walking through life together and filling each other’s hearts reflects a sense of companionship and shared experiences. The imagery of a rainbow symbolizes hope, beauty, and promise for a bright future ahead despite facing challenges.

Resilience in Love

Even in times of difficulty or storms that may come one’s way, the lyrics assure that all troubles dissipate when surrounded by love. It emphasizes resilience and strength found in relationships amidst adversity.

Overall, “You Make My World So Colorful” lirik terjemahan encapsulates the essence of deep love, gratitude, happiness, and resilience in relationships. It serves as a reminder of how love can bring light, color, and meaning to one’s world.